The entire USA with homes that I work out of located in

Western New York and Florida.  Areas within driving distance include:

New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts,

Vermont, New Jersey, Delaware and



585 734-1026

randysoundman AT mac DOT com



With world-class equipment and the skills to extract the most from it, that just adds up to fantastic audio for your production.  My equipment includes: Sound Devices 688/SL-6  12 channel mixer/recorder, Schoeps Mics and WisyCom wideband wireless mic systems.  Nothing but the best.


While at Kodak in the Motion Picture division, I gained the background and understanding of the production community.
I learned location sound recording and now I deliver that combined skill set to the productions I am part of.


I come to the set ready to be an integral part of the production team.
When I arrive on set, I have just one goal: to record the finest quality audio for my clients.